Minibeast Safari

I recently got us all memberships with the RSPB. The munchkin got a fantastic nature pack which including a bug hotel (I’ll write about it properly soon.) The munchkins love of anything nature related has been cemented, so much so that she asked for a bird house and feeding table for her birthday for the garden!

When I found out that a local park runs junior ranger sessions during the summer holidays I knew that she would really enjoy it. Plus the sessions are all free and we are really lucky to have such a fantastic country park to explore so close to home!

Today we went on a Minibeast Safari. Because of her age I had to stay with the munchkin, not too much of a chore. My Gran in Law sat in with the Froglet so it was a nice opportunity to spend some time with her, just the two of us.


The bug hunt was led by a lovely and knowledgeable, actual ranger, named Chris, who gave information as we were walking and hunting and was happy to answer any questions the children had. We set off on our Safari. It was raining, that drizzly rain that soaks you without you realising, which was a shame considering the weather we’ve had recently, but it didn’t put a dampener on the afternoon.

First we came to a wooded area and spent time looking under logs and looking in the leaves for tiny creepy crawlies. Each of the children had a pooter which gave them the ability to suck bugs up into a tub so they can have a closer look.

IMG_7247 IMG_7249 IMG_7250


After a little searching the munchkin found a centipede, which couldn’t be sucked into the tube so we had to catch it!


Getting slightly obsessed with being able to get a tiny creepy crawly in the pooter the way it should be used, she quickly gave the centipede to a little boy and went on the hunt for something smaller. Eventually she found a little spider and an ant, she was pretty chuffed with herself and a little out of breath after spending quite a lot of time virtually inhaling the forest floor!

IMG_7251 IMG_7254 IMG_7252

Our hunt then led us to the pond for some pond dipping. As we were walking the Ranger caught a butterfly, the kids were fascinated and everyone wanted a closer look!


Chris the Ranger

I remember pond dipping when I was little so it took me right back. We saw sticklebacks, tadpoles and even some froglets which really made me chuckle!

IMG_7257 IMG_7259 IMG_7260

Last stop on our safari was to the meadows to try to catch the bugs in the long grass. This wasn’t that successful as it was really raining by this point so the bugs had all gone under cover. Someone did catch something called a parasitic wasp which does pretty awful things to caterpillars!


We really enjoyed the bug hunt, I’m achy now, I’ve not done much walking the past few weeks and the munchkin was tired when we got home but excited to tell her daddy all about her adventure!

I’m looking forward to Thursdays activity and I’m sure the munchkin is too!


We’re taking part in Junior Ranger activities at The Beacon Country Park.

Visit the website for further information. I would really recommend a visit!

Project 365, Week #30

What a lovely week I’ve had! It’s been the first week of the summer holidays and the weather has been glorious! We haven’t really moved from the house, well the garden. It’s been lovely not having to do anything!

Here’s my week in pictures

Day 201


On Sunday we went to a Green Fayre at a local park. It’s a really good with stalls, a craft area, dog shows, birds of prey and much, much more, including donkey rides! Which the munchkin loves!

Day 202


The munchkin had a friend from school over to play during the day. It was lovely and often quite amusing to see them playing together. Me and the Froglet had to entertain ourselves!

Day 203


We got the paddling pool out! The munchkin loved it! She said to me at one point ‘how does it feel to know your little girl is having so much fun’ she really makes me chuckle!

Day 204


Last night we went to buy a parasol for the garden so we had a bit of shade to sit in! It has been lovely being able to sit outside. This was the last time all week the munchkin had any clothes on it was so hot!

Day 205


Thursday we went to meet my colleagues for lunch, one of my work friends was leaving as she is doing the wonderful thing of adopting a little boy! It’s been very exciting to see her journey to get to this point and a real insight into what people who wish to adopt have to go through. I know her and her husband will be fantastic parents and I wish them all the look in the world! I can’t wait to meet him when he’s settled in!

Day 206


Another super warm day sitting in the shade in the garden whilst the munchkin played in the paddling pool!

Day 207


We spent a very leisurely afternoon watching a charity cricket match. Mr C was playing in one of the teams. It was a great day with lots of our friends there.

Hoping the weather stays lovely for the next few weeks!

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No Such Word

I told the munchkin there was no such word as tomboy.

She asked me yesterday what a tomboy was.

Someone at school had told her she was one.

It was probably the same child that told her football was for boys and not for girls, that blue was a boys colour and pink was a girls, that there were boys toys and girls toys.

She wanted to know what it meant.

I told her it was an old word used to describe little girls who liked to climb trees, play football, play outside and get dirty.

A word to describe girls who would have grazed knees and bruised legs from having adventures and exploring.

I asked her if she liked doing these things, asked her if she liked adventures.

Yes, she answered, with a big grin on her face.

I asked her if she thought she was a tomboy.

No, she said.

I’m just a girl, girls can do all of those things.


Secrets of the   Sandpit


6 Weeks

I’ve made a conscious decision not to write about the froglets progress on a weekly or monthly basis, that’s not to say I’m not going to write about him, I am, he’s our little miracle baby and at the moment my days revolve around him.

I’ll write more about milestones and firsts and things we get up to as and when they happen, rather than in regular posts.

Last week found us with a couple of appointments. First we had our 6 week check (6 weeks, still can’t believe it’s gone that quickly) and the froglet had his hip scan.

At the beginning of the week, still not used to how long it takes to get out of the house with a baby, yes still! I rushed to get ready and get to the doctors, only to turn up an hour early! I am putting this down to duff info when I made the appointment rather than baby brain. Honest!

After going home and turning up at the correct time we saw the nurse and then the doctor.

I had bloods taken. I didn’t have a blood transfusion, how I avoided that I’ll never know, but I’ve been taking iron tablets ever since, so they needed to check whatever they check with these things to see if I can finally stop taking them.

Then it was the Froglets turn. He was weighed and measured. He’s put on weight again and the doctor said he was doing all of the things he was expecting to see at this stage, which I was so pleased about.

A couple of days later was the other appointment for the week.

Somehow, even though I was taken to theatre initially because he was back to back, he completely turned himself and was born as a breech baby, meaning he needed a scan of his hips.

This was the first appointment we have in relation to his birth so I was a little apprehensive. We still aren’t sure if there will be any lasting and long term issues.

The froglet was very good during the scan, even though he had to get naked for the second time that day!

The right hip was scanned with a quick statement of it being fine.

Then it was the left hips turn.

This took longer than the first. The consultant asked us how old he was and I’ll be honest I started to panic, the longer the scan went on the more worried I was becoming.

She took measurements and scanned some more and then moved the ultrasound and took more measurements.

I avoided all eye contact with Mr C. I knew if I saw the slightest hint of worry in his face my panic would rise.

Eventually, after what seemed like a very long time, she told us that everything looked fine and there were no problems!


For now, all is well.