No Such Word

I told the munchkin there was no such word as tomboy.

She asked me yesterday what a tomboy was.

Someone at school had told her she was one.

It was probably the same child that told her football was for boys and not for girls, that blue was a boys colour and pink was a girls, that there were boys toys and girls toys.

She wanted to know what it meant.

I told her it was an old word used to describe little girls who liked to climb trees, play football, play outside and get dirty.

A word to describe girls who would have grazed knees and bruised legs from having adventures and exploring.

I asked her if she liked doing these things, asked her if she liked adventures.

Yes, she answered, with a big grin on her face.

I asked her if she thought she was a tomboy.

No, she said.

I’m just a girl, girls can do all of those things.


Secrets of the   Sandpit


6 Weeks

I’ve made a conscious decision not to write about the froglets progress on a weekly or monthly basis, that’s not to say I’m not going to write about him, I am, he’s our little miracle baby and at the moment my days revolve around him.

I’ll write more about milestones and firsts and things we get up to as and when they happen, rather than in regular posts.

Last week found us with a couple of appointments. First we had our 6 week check (6 weeks, still can’t believe it’s gone that quickly) and the froglet had his hip scan.

At the beginning of the week, still not used to how long it takes to get out of the house with a baby, yes still! I rushed to get ready and get to the doctors, only to turn up an hour early! I am putting this down to duff info when I made the appointment rather than baby brain. Honest!

After going home and turning up at the correct time we saw the nurse and then the doctor.

I had bloods taken. I didn’t have a blood transfusion, how I avoided that I’ll never know, but I’ve been taking iron tablets ever since, so they needed to check whatever they check with these things to see if I can finally stop taking them.

Then it was the Froglets turn. He was weighed and measured. He’s put on weight again and the doctor said he was doing all of the things he was expecting to see at this stage, which I was so pleased about.

A couple of days later was the other appointment for the week.

Somehow, even though I was taken to theatre initially because he was back to back, he completely turned himself and was born as a breech baby, meaning he needed a scan of his hips.

This was the first appointment we have in relation to his birth so I was a little apprehensive. We still aren’t sure if there will be any lasting and long term issues.

The froglet was very good during the scan, even though he had to get naked for the second time that day!

The right hip was scanned with a quick statement of it being fine.

Then it was the left hips turn.

This took longer than the first. The consultant asked us how old he was and I’ll be honest I started to panic, the longer the scan went on the more worried I was becoming.

She took measurements and scanned some more and then moved the ultrasound and took more measurements.

I avoided all eye contact with Mr C. I knew if I saw the slightest hint of worry in his face my panic would rise.

Eventually, after what seemed like a very long time, she told us that everything looked fine and there were no problems!


For now, all is well.



Project 365, Week #29

Another week has flown by and it’s time to look back at my week in pictures!

Day 194


Sunday was the munchkins party. She had her party at Windmill Farm, she invited her friends and had a picnic dinner. She had a brilliant time!

Day 195


Monday was back to school for the final week in school before the start of the summer holidays! I went to pick the munchkin up and with a little guidance she walked all the way home. I don’t suppose you need a reason when you’re 6!

Day 196


Today was a bit of a do nothing day for me. I pottered about and then went to watch my nephew in the school play, Oliver. It was really good and I was very impressed with how much work had gone into it. After school, the munchkin had cuddles with her little brother.

Day 197


Wednesday me and the froglet had a couple of appointments. First was our 6 week check and then the froglet went for a hip scan. Me and Mr C snuck out for some lunch before his afternoon appointment which was lovely.

Day 198


Thursday was a do nothing day mostly. When I went to pick to the munchkin up some of the other parents had arranged to go to the local park for ice cream. I tagged along, it was lovely to see the munchkin enjoying herself with her friends outside of school.

Day 199


Friday was the last day of term! She hadn’t even got out of her uniform before she had started a water fight! I’m hoping it’s an indication of the fun she’ll have over the summer!

Day 200


Saturday I went on an actual day out with adults and for a couple of hours a baby didn’t sick up on me!

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J is for….

J is for Joy


Joy is not in things it is in us.

Joy is the look on the munchkins face in this picture! One of my favourite pictures of her!

 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg

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Cheats Frozen Birthday Cake.

In the run up to the munchkins birthday I had asked her what cake she wanted.

For her 1st birthday, I got all giddy and went completely over the top, ordering a cake shop to make her a number 1 cake. I was screwed over royally to the cost of 45 of your English pounds for a cake that was only big enough for me with a nice brew for elevenses and didn’t even have jam in it!

I mean, what kind of birthday cake doesn’t have jam and butter cream?

I learnt my lesson and even since purchased a character cake of her choice from Asda.

This year she asked for a frozen cake.

Of course she did.

And me thinking as frozen is the highest grossing Disney film of all time that the likes of Asda would be spewing out frozen related all sorts to cash in I said, of course you can have a frozen cake, I promise I will get one.

They don’t, no where does, well no where reasonably priced does.

I am wondering when the rest of retail is going to catch up! Asda didn’t do a cake, the card shop didn’t do Disney frozen balloons and trying to find an Elsa dress from the Disney store no less was like trying to locate a flying gold pig!

This left me stuck. I had already told her that there was no way I could actually get the frozen princesses to the party, even with her sensible suggestion that I could just get 2 people to dress up, I had to sort out a frozen cake.

Not wanting to spend a months food budget on a professional cake decorator to make a cake for me, I decided I would do it!

Which is ridiculous considering the most I know about cakes is how good they taste!

I can’t bake, I’ve never iced a cake and have no clue where to start with decorations.

I did what all good mums do, googled it, roped in my mother, who is a dab hand at decorating cupcakes and I essentially cheated.

I decided to buy the cake already made and iced, then just decorate it.

After much pinteresting of frozen cake pictures, I decided how I wanted it to look. I sourced figures for the top from ebay and the other bits we picked up at Windsors World of Cakes in Warrington.


I bought the cake from Asda. It was one of those design your own cakes that you can get a picture printed on.

IMG_6890  IMG_6897

We were going to paint it but realised we’d need to use vodka, I wasn’t willing to waste any of the good stuff so instead I bought an edible spray lustre as I wanted the cake blue.

IMG_6893  IMG_6895

Then we cut out some snowflakes, which we decorated with white glitter.


Once everything was ready we used an edible glue to stick the snowflakes on, fashioned some snow out of icing to get the figures to stand on and twirled some wire to go with the number 6 I’d bought.

IMG_6904 IMG_6906 IMG_6903

Then we were done it took us just over an hour. Simple but effective. It turned out brilliantly considering we had no clue what we were doing.


I still can’t bake, I still haven’t iced a cake but I have decorated one!

The munchkin was chuffed to bits and it tasted good too!