Week 12 & 13 in pictures, Project 365 Days 74-87

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15th – Looking grown up

16th – Orange Selfie

17th – Spring Time Surprise Project

18th – Sleepy Selfie

19th – Standing Strong

21st – Man of Steel

22nd – Ginger the guard dog

23rd – New Mummy Mug

24th – Homemade flower brightens my desk

25th – Snotty Selfie

26th – Actual date 27th – Dress down day

28th – Super Smiles

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The Mummy Date

At some point after having a baby, when you’re beginning to adjust to a tiny human ruling your life, you start getting bored with the same four walls and you know you need to get out of the house! Let’s be honest, babies, although cute and adorable (most of the time) they’re not much company and there’s only so many one-sided conversations you can manage. You start to crave the company of people who can wipe their own bottoms and wont vomit all over you without warning. Basically you need a reason to get out of the house that doesn’t include you spending a fortune in home & bargains on things that, quite frankly, you can do without!

That’s when you start looking for, gulp, baby groups. I’ll be honest when I had the munchkin I just didn’t bother so I did end up going slightly stir crazy. This time I knew I needed to get out of the house so that didn’t happen again. I discovered I’m quite lucky as where I live there is something to do in the area or at one of the local children’s centres on most days.

Going to one of these groups for the first time is daunting, or maybe that’s just me. Meeting people for the first time when you’ve had less than 3 hours sleep and had to clean milk sick out of your hair 5 minutes before leaving the house does nothing for your confidence! You go regardless as you’ve geared yourself up for it with the vague hope that someone might take pity and talk to you.

After a while you settle into a routine and you see the same mums at the different groups you go to. You chat, (someone took pity) you watch the babies grow, if you’re lucky you’ll learn their actually names rather than just ‘Sams mummy,’ you become friends on facebook, for those couple of hours each week these are the ladies who know exactly what you’re going through!

Then someone suggests a night out. Without babies.

A mummy date.

Now, in theory this is a brilliant idea. What new mummy doesn’t want some time to just be themselves again? It’s quite easy to lose who you are when you have a new baby, your life is now consumed with your tiny creation. But, if you thought gearing yourself up for a baby group was bad, preparing yourself for an actual night out comes with a complete new set of worries!

For starters, if you’re like me and still carrying the majority (all, plus some) of your baby weight and shape 9 months on, just finding something that fits and deciding on something to wear causes a headache. You’re meeting at the local pub, so do you go smart casual? Casual? Smart? Jeans? (ha! like they fit) Dress with leggings? Dress with tights? Flats vs heels? You’re not sure what everyone else will be wearing, you don’t want to be over or under dressed and you don’t know these girls enough to send a quick text to get a general consensus and some of them are much trendier than your wardrobe allows.

Will you have anything to talk about? Normally the babies are the focal point and distraction, will the night be filled with awkward silences? The only thing you have in common up to now is the fact that you’ve pushed/had removed a baby out of your body recently.

Practical arrangements need to be made, who’s watching the baby? How you’re getting there and back? Playing it safe you drive, just in case it all goes horribly wrong you can leave early and they’re probably not ready for the sobbing into your drink that sometimes occurs after one too many vodkas!

Will anybody else turn up? They’ve said they will but it would be so easy not to. Heck! You’ve even thought about ditching at the last minute.

Will they like you? You want to make a good impression ’cause you quite like these women and you’re a nice person, some might even say funny, you don’t want them to regret inviting you out! If it’s not a complete disaster you’ll want to go out again.

If you’re brave, very brave, you go despite your worries and apprehension. You of course set off fashionably late so you’re not the first to arrive, you take a deep breath and you go.

This happened to me recently. It turns out, everyone had the same worries and as usual these ladies understood exactly what I was going through.

Being a new mummy can be a really lonely place, it’s important and I know, not always easy, to get out there to be around women who get it. So my advice to you, no matter how hard it feels is to take that deep breath ’cause the likelihood is, they’re feeling just like you.

Go on that Mummy date!

You never know, you might have one of the best nights you’ve had in a long time!

To the mummies who invited me out, thank you. I laughed until my jaws hurt and I can’t wait to do it again.

Mud Pie Masterchef

Have you seen the National Trust list, 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4s? It’s so good! I am far too excited about this for a 30 something year old! Last year we dipped into the list, by accident really, and ticked off some of the activities. This year we’ve decided that we’re going to try as many of the activities as we can. The munchkin loves the idea, I’m not sure if it’s because she’ll get to try new things, like riding a horse, or if it’s because she’ll get to do things we’re normally reluctant to let her do, like climb a big tree. I love the idea because it really is getting back to all things good about being a kid. Being outside, adventure and fun. Luckily for us mums and dads most of the activities are free! Always a bonus. I’ve downloaded the app, which is, bloody brilliant by the way, so I have the list handy and now we’re all set.

Last weekend the munchkin chalked off her 1st activity. The froglet was a bit off colour so we were stuck indoors, which was a shame as the weather was really nice. So she didn’t go completely stir crazy we decided to have a look through the list to see what we could do in the garden. We needed something that wouldn’t take a lot of planning and found the perfect one. Making Mud Pies! All you need for a mud pie is some mud, some twigs, leaves or grass for decoration and something to mix with, hands of course are fine mixing tools.

PicMonkey Collage

The munckin was in her element! This was such a simple activity which brought so much fun, like most of the other activities on the list! She was out in the garden for ages mixing the mud with water and adding other ingredients and toppings to her pie! I think a couple of worms ended up in there too. She was very pleased with the end product and insisted we all go outside to ‘try’ the pies, of course they were really tasty!


So we’re off and we’ve made a start , one down only 49 activities to go! We can’t wait to try out some more!
I’ll be sharing the activities as we get to do them so you can join in the fun with us, well virtually anyway!