Week 9 in Pictures, Project #365 Days 53 – 59

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22nd – Sunday Church

23rd – Pasta for Lunch

24th – Spring Flowers

25th – Payday treat, Chinese for tea

26th – Saying goodbye to Freddie Frog – our last baby sign session

27th – First time at a soft play

28th – Someone has cruel grandparents!

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Smart Stages Puppy – Review

It’s been wonderful to watch Sam start to interact with different toys, seeing how he reacts to the noisy ones, chew the ones that shouldn’t really be chewed and rattle & shake everything else.

We were lucky enough to be sent the new Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy to play with and we’ve been having so much fun!


I’m usually a bit dubious about these singing soft toys. They’re not normally very cuddly, you can sometimes be fishing around forever to find the bit that gets it to make a noise and often I want to cut to sound out of them! I was really impressed with the puppy. Not only is he cute, soft and cuddly, he’s got Smart Stages™ technology which basically means that you can select the stage best for baby, from first words at the 6 month stage, simple directions at 12 months to early role play at the 18 month stage.

There are large pressing points on the ear, tummy, foot, both hands and heart, they all have different phrases and songs which change with each stage offering lots of variety to keep baby interested. Sam was able to set them off by giving them a squeeze or a chew. The songs are lovely, there’s some old favourites like ‘twinkle twinkle’ and ‘incy wincy.’ Some songs are unique to the puppy but just as catchy and easy to learn so you can sing along, badly in my case.  The heart lights up and twinkles along to the music, it even does a heart beat which I just thought was so sweet. There’s also 2 choices for volume and a way to turn the puppy off, always great with a noisy toy.

It wasn’t just me who liked playing with trying out the smart stages puppy. Sam really liked playing with him too and I suppose he is the best judge. He loves singing so really enjoyed the songs, especially the ‘ABC’ song. We even discovered after a particularly tight cuddle that if you press the heart for a few seconds puppy will sing all of the songs from each stage one after the other. He found puppys ears fascinating and spent ages running them through his fingers, he also loved to have a chew of his nose!

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We played with all of the stages, Sam liked them all now so I know when he is able to understand more he will be able to interact with it. A toy that will definitely grow with him and will last him for years to come.


Find out more about the Smart Stages Puppy
 ‘Baby Learning Toy
He also has a sister, click here to check her out!


We were sent the Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy for the purpose of this review.

All words and opinions are our own and as always honest.

Our Perfect Day Out

Our perfect day out ends with us all tired from the fresh air, the munchkin is asleep on the back seat, we’re all pink cheeked from running around, from the sunshine or the cold.

Our perfect day out is when we’ve had to change shoes or clothes or both, we always take a spare of everything no matter the weather. We’ve had to layer up or take layers off. When everything is covered in sand or mud or grass or something we’re not too sure what it is.

Our perfect day out is when our pockets or buckets or my bag are filled with shells, rocks, grass, sticks, leaves and bugs. Treasures to take home.

Our perfect day out is walking through woods, smelling flowers, building a sandcastle, climbing over styles, splashing in muddy puddles, jumping from sand dunes, rolling down hills, swinging very high, feeling the sand or grass between our toes.

Our perfect day is being outside, it’s adventure and exploring, running, jumping, falling, fresh air and nature. It’s sitting with a picnic on a rug, drinking weak tea from a flask, ice creams as a treat.

Our perfect day is fun, smiles, laughter and happiness. It’s being together as a family and making memories.

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Week 8 in Pictures, Project 365 Days 46 – 52

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15th – Don’t ignore me daddy

16th – Feeding the ducks

17th – Pancakes for lunch

18th – Crocky Trail Fun

19th – Baby sign

20th – Don’t ask your 6yo to watch the baby when you nip to the loo!

21st – Princess Anna for the day, just because

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I dream of plans and hopes and the joy they’ll bring,
Of crazy scenarios that don’t mean a thing.
Fun fantasies that will never happen,
With glossy long locks and a cute pert bottom.

I dream of health and happiness,
Of people here and those no longer with us.
Memories of happy days,
Family adventures and holidays.

I dream of stars and all that shines
Of mini superstars that are all mine.
Fluffy clouds and summer ways,
Being with friends and silly play.

I dream for you my little ones,
Of good times and magic, laughter and fun.
That we’ll give you all the tools you need
To embrace a life you’re proud to lead.